Dont just give them customer service.Give them Super Service!For more than a decade, customer service professionals have turned to SuperService for the very best advice on dealing with demanding, dissatisfied, anddownright difficult customers.Now, it has been completely revised and expanded to address todays uniquecustomer-service issues.Super Service, 2nd Edition teaches you how to deliver great service in a way thatenriches your life and keeps you from burning out. It provides the same advicethat made the first edition a perennial favorite and includes all-new information on:Listening to customer needsUnderstanding todays savvy customerAdopting a positive attitudeAdding value to the customer experienceProviding service quickly and efficientlyCustomers are becoming increasingly savvy and demandingwhich makes your jobharder than ever. In order to ensure smooth interactions, you need to keep a stepaheadyou need to deliver super service.

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