Superannuation is the cornerstone of every Australian?s financial future and retirement plan. Making the mostof all the tax advantages that superannuation offers isessential to building your wealth. However, complyingwith and taking advantage of the superannuation andtax rules and regulations is mind-boggling. Fortunately,help is at hand.In plain English, Superannuation & Taxation explains just whatyour tax obligations are. Inside you?ll learn:? about the Australian superannuation system and how it works? what the rules for making a superannuation contribution are? how to set up, run and maintain a compliant self managedsuperannuation fund? how superannuation funds, pensions and death benefi tsare taxed.Packed with tax tips, tax traps to avoid and practical casestudies, this comprehensive guide will give you the know-howto legally reduce your tax liability ? and build your wealth.

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