Guanidines, amidines and phosphazenes have been attracting attention in organic synthesis due to their potential functionality resulting from their extremely strong basicity. They are also promising catalysts because of their potential for easy molecular modification, possible recyclability, and reduced or zero toxicity. Importantly, these molecules can be derived as natural products valuable as scientists move towards sustainable chemistry, where reagents and catalysts are derived from biomaterial sources.Superbases for Organic Synthesis is an essential guide to these important molecules for preparative organic synthesis. Topics covered include the following aspects:an introduction to organosuperbasesphysicochemical properties of organic superbasesamidines and guanidines in organic synthesisphosphazene: preparation, reaction and catalytic rolepolymer-supported organosuperbasesapplication of organosuperbases to total synthesisrelated organocatalysts: proton sponges and urea derivativesamidines and guanidines in natural products and medicinesSuperbases for Organic Synthesis is a comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date guide to these important reagents for organic chemists, drug discovery researchers and those interested in the chemistry of natural products.

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