Supply Chain Analysis: A Handbook on the Interaction of Information, System, and Optimization is a carefully developed work focused on the analysis of supply chain interaction issues in emerging markets and industry sectors. It is a leading-edge handbook that will emphasize where little work has been done and where the rubber meets the road the supply chain process, information, and systems integration. These are pertinent issues facing practitioners and researchers in todays business environment.This is a gap-bridging handbook that analyzes interaction issues from both the research and practitioner sides. The result is a volume that examines and provides practical solutions on interaction issues while being firmly grounded in research principles.An outstanding team of editors: Chris Tang is well-known and highly regarded in the area of Supply Chain Management. He is both a department chairman and the Edward Carter Professor of Business Administration at UCLA Anderson School; Professor Wei is the Dean of the Faculty of Business at the City University of Hong Kong, and is an eminent scholar in the area of Information Technology; Professor Teo has extensive experience in the area of Supply Chain Management and Optimization, and he is with the NUS Business School at the National University of Singapore.

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