'[T]his book is a must read for all teacher-educators, counselor-educators, school administrators, teachers, and school counselors who are involved in program development to enhance students' academic performance' - Robbie J Steward, Education Review. 'This practical book is written for both potential and practising school leaders Theory and practice are elegantly interwoven and the inclusion of vignettes and case studies illuminate the key issues the reader is invited into dialogue with the writer and both encouraged and challenged to engage in ongoing self-reflection' - British Gestalt Journal. 'I thought the book was excellent.. it has provided me with the means to begin to explore and analyse a range of challenges that are presenting themselves on a daily basis. The book provides a very accessible means of exploring a complex topic. There is no doubt in my mind that exploration of these issues should feature in the training for senior and middle leaders' - Rick Jolley, Deputy Headteacher of West Exeter Technology College. 'This book provides a useful lens through which school leaders can reflect on their practice. Combining theory and practice, it places relationships and learning at the centre of educational change, going beyond previous work on emotional intelligence to the essence of emotional awareness and the beneficial effect that it can have on leadership style and substance. It deserves to read by all school leaders and will have a beneficial effect on the way they relate to everyone associated with the school' - John Dunford. 'What a delight it is to read a book on educational leadership that does not perseverate on tests, targets and other technocratic approaches to educational improvement. Instead, Belinda Harris passionately engages with the human side of educational change that really makes a difference to children's learning. Drawing from her own extensive experience with successful change efforts, and a broad research base, Harris has focused on the emotional lives of children, teachers and school leaders as the key to effective school leadership. Cogently and clearly written, each chapter unfolds seamlessly into the next, and step by step and layer by layer unravels the mysteries and myths of the emotional side of children's, teachers' and leaders' learning. This is a must read for potential and practicing leaders and an important text for all leadership training courses' - Dean Fink. This practical book deals with the emotional and moral dimensions of school leadership. The author sets out the intra-personal and interpersonal attributes, attitudes and behaviours necessary to develop emotional and moral leadership within the school community. The book provides a range of person-centred strategies for building communities of professionally committed, relationally competent, collaborative individuals.

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