An anthology of five erotic stories with mixed themes including mnage, older woman/younger man, exhibitionism and sex outdoors.Surgical Stockings by Mikey JacksonThe very moment she met the doctor, she knew he was the man for her. The hunk was straight out of a romantic novel. A sparkling pair of grey-blue eyes. A spruce and orderly crop of dark brown hair. The athletic physique of a man who knew how to work himself into a sweat in the gym. Oh, and more importantly, a prominent bulge saying hello to her in the genital region of his tight black trousers. Ooh, yes. He was just what the doctor ordered! And she was about to swallow her medicine.The More the Merrier by Clarice CliqueEmily is the decadent centre of every party. Everyone from policemen to waiters is attracted by her sexual allure. However, it is only her one-time roommate and long-term girlfriend who retains Emilys attention. But after more than ten years their relationship is coming to an end. Emily is determined that it will not fade away but will explode in a whirl of threesomes and orgies. A short break in Lisbon under the warm caress of the Mediterranean sun is their last chance to act out all their fantasies and say a last apt goodbye to each other.Night of the Incubus by Valerie AlexanderAriels number one fantasy is anonymous sex. But just meeting men in her conservative small town is nearly impossible, let alone arranging a faceless encounter with a stranger. Yet when she bumps into a man in the woods one night a young man who seems suspiciously similar in the dark to her neighbours gorgeous son Ariel finds herself lost in the hot and wordless sex of her dreams.Icebreaker by A.J. LyleAbby longs to step beyond the doors of The Vault, and discover all the adult toys that await her within. As she hesitates on the threshold of the shop, she collides with Cade, the sexiest man shes ever seen. He takes her inside, to the welcoming attentions of salesgirl Jami, who gives Abby an unforgettable lesson in pleasure but thats only the warm-up, as Cade is delighted to get involved too The Last Train Home by Carol AndersonWhen things got hot and steamy in the bathroom and Jake headed off to work, he left me begging for more. So, I really wanted to pull out all the stops when he came home and give him a night to remember shaved, wet, horny as hell, and dressed to kill, I waited in the dark for the last train home.

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