When people are going through the emotional trauma of separation and divorce, they turn to Canada's best-selling guide to family law, Surviving Your Divorce. In it, family law expert Michael G. Cochrane, LL.B., answers questions such as: What are my rights? What will happen to the children? How much does divorce cost?Surviving Your Divorce is a non-technical book that explains the legal options available to married, common-law, and same-sex couples going through separation or divorce.This popular guidecovers child custody, division of property, support, domestic violence, the rights of common-law couples, and much moreprovides tips and strategies to help you negotiate separation and divorce with your lawyer, potentially saving a lot of time and moneyincludes real-life stories that illustrate the application of family lawincludes samples of key legal and financial documents, a comprehensive resource section, and a glossary of legal termsBe prepared for the process of divorcing. You can help your lawyer by knowing what questions to ask and what steps are involved. Considering self-representation? An entirely new chapter shows you how to build a framework for your case the same way lawyers do, with 50 tips on how to handle court appearances and more."This readable, informative book is packed with all the information necessary to make informed decisions about marriage and divorce agreements. Cochrane has taken pains to describe just about every legal pitfall and divorce experience imaginable."—Calgary Herald"This book is not intended to convince you to go it alone, without a lawyer. It's designed, rather, to help you know what to expect. . . This is a book full of common-sense advice delivered in plain talk."—The Gazette (Montreal)Money- and Anxiety-Saving StrategiesHow to Help Your Lawyer Help YouWhat Not to Do When Going through DivorceSecrets, Tactics, and Strategies Used by LawyersHow to Represent Yourself in Court

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