Laura Spender is living in her guardian's substantial mansion. She is beautiful, innocent, and bored. That is until the housekeeper, Cassandra, introduces her to the pleasures and perils of the flesh. Through varying degrees of bondage, corporal punishment and exhibitionism, Laura discovers a latent masochism lurking just below the surface of her naive exterior. Through a series of licentious adventures, Laura succumbs to the shamelessness in her character, carrying out increasingly outrageous and perverse tasks until Cassandra puts her to the ultimate test, handing her over to a ruthless gang of motorcycle thugs. There, as she is used and abused by the brutal gang, she learns the true depravity of her nature. The question is, will she resist the perverse desires that inhabit her lovely body, or will she surrender to the sweet submission of a life of slavery and debauchery?

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