2009 reprint of the 1937 edition. Ernest Jones (1887-1965) was renowned for his accomplishments in teaching many famous professional golfers as well as amateurs. He tutored Virginia Van Wie for many years, including during her stretch of three consecutive U.S. Women's Amateur Championships from 1932-34. He also worked with Glenna Collett Vare, Lawson Little, and other top players of the era. After Reading Walter Simpson's book, "The Art of Golf", Jones came to the fundamental conclusion that the key to a successful golf shot was not the correct movement of certain body parts, but the correct movement of the club. Jones had happened upon the then-little-understood fact that the human brain need only experience a persons desire to perform a task. On its own the brain devises a means to create the muscular action to achieve the task. The individual is only aware of "what" they want to do. The brain's action in deciding "how" it will accomplish the task is completely unconscious. This...

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