A book in the Systems Evaluation, Prediction, and Decision-Making Series, Systems Evaluation: Methods, Models, and Applications covers the evolutionary course of systems evaluation methods, clearly and concisely. Outlining a wide range of methods and models, it begins by examining the method of qualitative assessment. Next, it describes the process and methods for building an index system of evaluation and considers the compared evaluation and the logical framework approach, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), and the data envelopment analysis (DEA) relative efficiency evaluation method.Unique in its emphasis on the practical applications of systems evaluation methods and models, the book introduces several new evaluation models of grey system, including general grey incidence model, grey incidence models based on similarity and closeness, grey cluster evaluation based on triangular whitenization functions, and multi-attribute grey target decision model. Explaining intricate concepts in language that is easy to understand it provides step-by-step explanations of the various methods and models.The text illustrates the practical application, analysis, and computation of systems evaluation methods and models with an abundance of practical examples and empirical studies. The case studies examine post evaluation of road-bridge construction projects, the efficiency evaluation of the science and technology activities, the evaluation of energy-saving projects in China, and the evaluation and selection of international cooperation projects.

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