The International Taekwon-Do Federation a Traditional Martial Art as developed by the founder General Choi Hong Hi and now under the guidance of his son Master Choi Jung Hwa have reproduced this invaluable learning tool for instructors and students alike. The advancement of technology makes it possible for you to have up to the minute information on this complete Martial Art system. The General is quoted as saying "Every good instructor should carry a copy to class". With over 3200 techniques, 24 Tul and numerous set combinations it is imperative to have this reference material to hand. No other Martial Art has such a comprehensive encyclopaedia available providing unmatched Taekwon-Do resources and support. This e-Book contains all the information required to take you from Novice to Master. The book contains descriptions and detailed photographs showing correct stance, vital spots, hand and foot techniques, training equipment, fundamental exercises, system of sparring and much more. All 24 ITF patterns are described in detail complete with step by step photos throughout the 765 pages. This ebook is an invaluable tool for all Martial Artists - not just ITF Taekwon-Do.

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