Courtney was happy to be back in Tampa especially after her little stint though hell in California with her ex. Nothing could have prepared her for what her old flame had put her through, but now everything was back on track and in her eyes... Perfect. Her past was now behind her and she had married the perfect man - he was handsome, sexy and successful... what more could a woman ask for. Everything was excellent until she finds out that her husband has been poisoned... Everything about her perfect life can to an abrupt stop with her husband Sydney asking her one question… One question that would change everything about their marriage and the life she had dreamed they would live. With her world turned upside down she must now learn the truth of her husband's success - she must learn his business inside and out - she must learn who her enemies are and who she can trust... All in all, she must lose her innocence as she is plunged into a world of murder, deceit, lost loyalties, and...

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