Read this 199-page ebook to learn how to: Set up BBEdit for maximum efficiency: Configure key standard and expert preferences for optimal usage. Sync BBEdit settings and support files between Macs using Dropbox. Create text factories that automate sequences of text processing commands. Create "clippings" of boilerplate text, complete with dynamic placeholders. Use Dropbox or a version control system to track versions of documents. Start work on the right track: Collect multiple resources--including files, folders, and URLs--into a single project window. Use BBEdit's many options for opening and saving files. Work with remote files via BBEdit's FTP/SFTP browser windows. Type faster, search better, and automate repetitive bits: Control BBEdit with keyboard shortcuts. Write faster with text completion of words, code snippets, HTML tags, and more. Clean up text with spurious tabs, incorrect case, gremlin characters, and more. Search for and replace text across multiple documents at once. Learn how to use grep pattern matching for powerful searches. Write in Markdown, and preview Markdown documents. Compare and collaborate effectively: Discover best practices for commenting and revision tracking. Compare multiple versions of documents. Run your Web site like a wizard: Create HTML and CSS files using BBEdit's effective, extensive markup tools. Preview dynamic pages locally with user-defined preview templates. Clean up old or badly coded Web pages. Build Web sites using templates and includes. Connect BBEdit to Fetch, Interarchy, or Transmit to edit remote files. Maintain Web sites in BBEdit using four different workflows.

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