With this 203-page book, you can: Save money: Extend your Mac's useful life and postpone buying an expensive new computer. Save time: Work more efficiently rather than constantly waiting for your Mac to catch up with you. Eliminate irritations: Banish the spinning pizza of death. Reduce startup and application launch times. Work smarter: Learn power user tricks for getting more done with less effort. You'll learn answers to questions like: What are the eight quickest fixes for Mac performance problems? Which common claims about Mac performance are myths? How can I objectively measure my Mac's performance? Which popular Mac OS X features have hidden (and severe) speed penalties? What are the best ways to find and eliminate CPU and RAM hogs? Can I make my Mac faster by freeing up disk space? Will defragmenting my disk, repairing permissions, or clearing caches speed up my Mac? When is an SSD (solid-state drive) a smart upgrade choice? Which hardware upgrades are worth the money, and which should I avoid? If Web browsing is slow, how can I tell where the bottleneck is? How can I make my Mac start up, go to sleep, or wake up faster? How can I type faster? How can I make my mouse pointer move faster or more fluidly?

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