Sprechen Sie Dirty Deutsch?If you think German is all brat and no wurst, you need to think again. German is sexier--and dirtier--than you might imagine. (Think Hamburg!) From hearts and violins to pigs and dogs, Goethe's native tongue is ripe--and rank--with creative obscenities, including: Kuck mal diese geile Schnitte!Look at that sexy chick!Literal translation: Look at that sexy slice!Alle wissen dass Klaus sehr gut geigt.Everyone knows Klaus f**ks well.Literal translation: Everyone knows Klaus plays the violin well.Markus, du bist ein verdammter Schweinehund.Markus, you're a f**king moron.Literal translation: Markus, you are a damned pig dog.In this book, you receive a basic introduction into the netherworlds (and nether regions) of the true Jargon. This gritty linguistic guide is all you need to know to talk dirty the German way.

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