A heart-warming tale of one familys struggle to survive the war years Its 1938. Dolly Ramsden is six years old. Times are hard. But Dolly doesnt care her family are everything to her. Then war comes and everything changes. Her father leaves his job at the local tannery and joins the war effort. He leaves behind him a bitter wife and a daughter who can see no hope for the future. With no money, Dollys mother is forced to take desperate measures to help them survive. Resentful of her daughter, lonely and depressed she turns to drink and Dollys life becomes a living hell. When Wilf finally comes home he returns to a teenage daughter who has been forced to grow up too soon, and a wife who is destroyed by what shes become. With the tannery fires still burning the hatred, resentment and secrets simmer beneath the attempts to restore a normal life for them all until finally, one night things spiral out of control

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