In the era of personalized medicine, cancer treatment has become a model for the use of targeted therapeutics. Leaving behind the 'one size fits all' approach to cancer care, this book provides the practicing oncologist with an overview of the advances in treatment and an understanding of the implementation of new therapeutic agents. Targeted Cancer Therapy is divided into twenty chapters covering specific hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, targeted and functional imaging, and combination therapies. Each disease specific chapter includes up-to-date information on investigational and FDA approved therapies which will enhance the readers ability to prescribe effective drug regimens. This includes combinations of therapies and therapeutic modalities to overcome drug resistance. In a rapidly changing field, this book will enable clinicians to improve their ability to practice personalized health planning, make early diagnoses, and select optimal drugs for each patient with predictable side effects and outcomes. Poised to change the landscape in oncology, Targeted Cancer Therapy is essential for practicing and academic physicians, fellows, and residents.

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