The editor has assembled a stellar group of experts to write about their areas of expertise. Topics include bureaucracy, corruption and tax compliance; public finance in developing economies; taxation in several former Soviet republics, Eastern Europe and China; taxation in the enlarged European Union; tax harmonization vs. tax competition; and the philosophy of taxation and public finance. This book will appeal to a wide segment of the academic and professional market; professors of taxation and public finance, undergraduate and graduate students in these fields. It will appeal to accounting and finance professors and students because the theme of the book deals with aspects of accounting and financial system reform. It will appeal to economists in the subfields of transition economics and development economics because it addresses current issues in their field. It will also appeal to scholars in the field of Russian and East European Studies and Asian Studies because the book addresses taxation and public finance issues in several East European and Asian countries. Policy analysts and consultants who deal with taxation and public finance, transition economics or Eastern Europe or Asia will also find this book to be a valuable reference and source of current information.

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