If you want to learn more about the sharemarket but you're baffled by the rules and jargon not to mention the price fluctuations this is the book for you.Teach Yourself About Shares is the most comprehensive share-investing book on the market. This revised edition of Roger Kinsky's bestseller is a user-friendly guide that will have you maximising your profitability on the sharemarket in no time. Inside you'll discover:what the different types of shares are, and how to buy and sell themthe positives of share investing and the traps for the unwaryhow to judge the market and trade the right shares at the right timehow to set up and manage your share portfoliowhy share prices fluctuate, and how to use this knowledge to your advantagehow to tailor your trading strategy to your lifestyle and investment capitalhow to minimise your share-investing risks.Each chapter concludes with practical learning exercises with solutions, enabling you to consolidate your knowledge so you can move on to the next step with confidence. Whether you are just starting out in shares or you're an experienced trader, this book contains everything you need to know to allow you to maximise your profits in the Australian market.

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