Geographic Information Science (GISc&T) has been at the forefront of education innovation in geography and allied sciences for two decades. Teaching Geographic Information Science and Technology in Higher Education is an invaluable reference for educators and researchers working in GISc and Technology providing coverage of the latest innovations in the field and discussion of what the future holds for GI Science education in the years to come.Stemming initially from the challenges and opportunities of integrating advanced GISc&T technologies into existing college and university programs, GISc&T scientists were soon leading the way in the development of web-based instructional materials, distance education, professional training and certification. This book clearly documents these innovations and takes stock of lessons learned. The content will be of interest to both educators and researchers working in GISc&T as well as educators in other disciplines. More importantly, this book also anticipates some of the opportunities and challenges in GISc&T education in the next decade. As such it will be of interest to chairs, deans, administrators, faculty in other subfields, and educators in general.The book is edited by arguably the top people in the field who bring a wealth of experience through their own teaching and research in the subject. There is simply no other book on the market and as a result of the Editors standing in the field, they are able to invite contributions from a broad range of academics in a range of institutional settings from an international perspective at all levels of higher education.

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