This work gathers together a group of prominent scholars whose work touches and explores, among other things, the connections between reason and emotion in teaching and learning. The emotional feature of teaching and learning, while crucial in practice, are rarely recognised with depth and rigor in the scholarly literature.The book explores aspects of daily educational practice all too often overlooked by theorists and educational researchers in the US, although well known to practitioners. These include such topics as eros, the pursuit of happiness, critical hope, vulnerability, mystery and domestic tranquillity, topics that are almost never the subject of educational research. They also include grief, despair, discomfort, acceptance of ignorance and loss of hope. The authors explore regions outside the bounds of the explicit, cognitive and categorical. Their motivations, however are familiar; they include the desire to create hope, meaning and mutual understanding in the pursuit of better classrooms, more equitable education, and more effective teacher education. They help map for educational researchers and theorists terrain that is familiar to, but sometimes not articulated by, practitioners.

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