Ready to roll up your sleeves and start working on the skills required to be an effective team leader? This book walks you step-by-step through the exciting and challenging world of team leadership. The author describes how team leadership is very different from traditional, top-down, autocratic leadership. She challenges readers to adopt a new style of leadership - one that builds high performance, results-oriented work teams whose members hold themselves responsible for success as a group. Designed for new and veteran team leaders, Team Leader Workbook is chock-full of skill-building exercises to help you determine team training needs, write agendas, get input through brainstorming, bring conflict to the surface, agree on solutions and more. Also covered are the types of meetings, types of teams, critical team roles and a team leader job description. Especially of value is the extensive appendix. It contains 25 surveys, evaluations, exercises and worksheets to help you write a team mission statement, create a meeting roles' rotation roster, manage conflict and handle various other duties as a team leader.

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