Today more than ever before in the history of the poultry industry there is a concerted effort to improve the working relationship between the grower and the integrator.Teamwork in Poultry Production picks up wher Larry Cole's previous book, Communication in Poultry Grower Relations, left off. While the first book concentrated on organizational improvement, this book focuses on the specific interpersonal skills needed in the industry to create a synergistic working relationship-a topic which, until now, has been largely ignored.Written in a down-to-earth training style, this book:1 Details the interpersonal and communication issues that determine the success of the employee-grower working relationship2 Outlines the responsibilities of both the contract grower and the company employee, providing a detailed description of what each party can do to improve the working relationship on the farm3 Creates a behavioral blueprint that can be easily implemented by the entire grower-employee network4 Serves as the resource for ongoing training efforts with employees and growers

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