In this fascinating forecast of science and technology, William Halal shows that relentless technological progress is driving the creative transformation of business, society, the world, and even what it means to be human. A 'Technology Revolution' is accelerating today as an explosion of ever more sophisticated information systems creates unprecedented gains in knowledge, and breakthroughs everywhere. Technology's Promise draws on the work of TechCast Project at George Washington University to chart the terrain ahead. Pooling the knowledge of 100 experts around the world, the book outlines advances in all fields. It is the best forecast data ever assembled, covering the entire span of technological innovation. Provocative analyses of the environment, robotics, artificial intelligence, biogenetics, and much more offer guidance on threats and opportunities in this high-tech future. Culminating with scenarios that 'macro-forecast' the path that lies ahead, this intriguing book shows us that the next two to three decades may be the most important of our time.

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