The Daily Telegraph Style GuideEdited by Simon HefferThe Telegraph newspapers maintain their high standards of accuracy, literacy and grammar thanks to a comprehensive style book used by all their journalists, covering everything from the specific circumstances of a woman that permit the appellation dowager to the spelling of Gorden Kaye's Christian name when writing about Allo, Allo. In recent years the crusade against cliche, jargon, tautology and inanity has been taken up in the hugely popular column of its Associate Editor Simon Heffer, who writes the foreword to this, the first edition of the Style Guide to be published for a general readership.So, if you want to stand corrected on the acceptable usage of the word erupt ('what volcanoes and pustules do. Rows, arguments and disputes break out'), know which is the only nationality in the world etymologically entitled to run amok, or if you were even thinking of using the word underwhelming, The Telegraph Style Guide is an indispensable and endlessly entertaining companion. A uniquely enjoyable and frequently very funny read, it is an ideal gift.

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