Jack Hilliard is a 35-year-old assistant DA who appears to have it all: intelligence, good looks, a great job, and a solid marriage with his wife, Claire. But Jack finds himself at a crossroads in his life when, on the same night his boss announces his resignation as DA, Jacks subterranean flirtation with his enigmatic lawyer friend Jenny bubbles to the surface. Jack soon learns how easy it is to compromise his values and comfortable life for ambition and desire. Despite Claires counsel to stand by his beliefs, Jack misrepresents his position on the death penalty to secure the top spot at the DAs office. As the pressures of the campaign mount, he struggles to deny his growing obsession with Jenny, who supports his ambitions at whatever cost. When Jenny is charged with a heinous crime, and Jack is the only one who can prove her innocence, he must make a Hobsons choice: save Jenny by speaking out, or save his marriage and career by remaining silent.

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