The world is facing a wave of decentralization and a boom in federalism. But despite all the single-country studies, practice and prescriptive literature on the case for decentralization, there has been relatively little generalizable, international, comparative theory. The authors in this book, important scholars from six countries, take advantage of the empirical richness of the field of territorial politics. They ask and answer three basic questions: What does decentralization do for democracy? What does it do for the welfare state and social justice? What does it do to policy and policymaking? Territory, Democracy and Justice answers these questions while identifying the successes, flaws, generalizable ideas, and international similarities in the study of territorial politics to date. It brings together new literature and a wide range of data from across the advanced industrial countries. It should be a catalyst for the development of comparative territorial politics and an important book for students of federalism, decentralization, nationalism, the welfare state, and territorial politics around the world.

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