Brutal acts which shocked and horrified the world - exactly as their perpetrators planned... Terror attacks as we know them came into prominence in the 1960s with the activities of the PLO and IRA. These groups like many others used violence against civilian populations in an effort to effect change for either religious or ideological reasons. However, terrorism has been around for many centuries. This book traces its roots and examines the brutal acts that have shocked and horrified the world. PART ONE : Early Terrorism including The Assassination of Julius Caesar, The Assassin Movement. PART TWO : 1600-1899 including Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, The Boston Tea Party, Assassination of TsarPART THREE: 1900-1969 including Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Black Panthers El Salvador Death SquadsPART FOUR : 1970-1989 including Black September, Bloody Friday, Cambodia Genocide, Aldo Moro, Airey Neave, Iranian Embassy Siege, The Brighton Bomb, Enniskillen, Pan Am Flight 103 LockerbiePART FIVE: 1990-2006 including Ian Gow, World Trade Center 1993, Warrington Bomb, Rwanda,September 11, Moscow Theatre Hostages, Bali Bombing, London Bombings 2005, Mumbai Massacre

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