Now you can stop wasting countless hours wading through IBMs technical manuals, looking for programming examples to show you how a technique really needs to be coded. This book and companion CD contain more than 70 prototypical techniques and coding examples that you can use and adapt for hundreds of applications. From system APIs to SQL, the material presented encompasses the most useful and powerful features of the AS/400. Far more valuable than just code samples, each example is accompanied by a thorough line-by-line explanation of the techniques employed. As a programming tool or as a learning aid, this book is the first place to look for practical, hands-on development assistance. If you have read and used the original AS/400 Programmers Handbook, you know just how valuable a book like this can be. As in his original, author Mark McCall begins each section of Volume II with a thorough discussion of each topic, including how it fits into everyday application use. He then shows and...

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