The volume is an overview of the basics of biomechanics of circular extrernal fixation and is based on a system of coordinates that allows safer insertion of K-wires and half pins into the bone. The Author includes also a new classification of this device, a collection of terminology, a description of relevant equipments and presents the protocol of external fixation using accurate description of the method in order to avoid mistakes. The book presents a numerical codified system for the application of transosseous wires for the Ilizarov device. In general the Ilizarov method is not a new technique but a more consolidated one, that has changed the concept of bone healing. The volume could be a manual for orthopaedic surgeons interested in limb reconstruction, limb lengthening, treatment of septic complications of the bone, massive bone loss and open fractures, and could be helpful not only for graduate students and practitioners but also for researchers.

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