New regulations, in-depth investor data demands and the ever-increasing globalisation of business are requiring that private equity firms be leaner, more efficient and manage risks before they even happen. Much of this responsibility for keeping the private equity firm operating smoothly and seamlessly falls on the shoulders of the CFO or COO. This new edition of Private Equity International's The Private Equity CFO & COO Digest is a compilation of chapters selected and written specifically for senior managers on key operational and regulatory challenges facing private equity firms in 2013 and beyond, and what can be done about them today. The publication introduces proactive strategies, practical guidance and insightful expert commentary on the growing role of the CFO in the fundraising process, what firms should know about FATCA and AIFMD developments, managing foreign exchange risks, choosing the right IT solution for the firm, finding the right service providers, and much more. Find out the new levels of compensation in the 2012 Private Equity Compensation Survey. This is a valuable resource for any private equity firm that needs to know how to reward employee achievement and compensate them fairly.

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