As an educator, are you struggling with any of the following challenges? Do you know what competencies, capacities, attitudes, and perspectives learners need to develop so they can be contributing, productive members of organizations and society? What resource constraints do you need to address in trying to provide innovative and meaningful education? How can you make the learning process more effective? How can you best use technology to effectively deliver content and meaningfully engage learners in the educational process? What can you do to help people become effective leaders of businesses and other organizations in an increasingly complex and values-driven world that is changing rapidly and often contentiously? How do you accommodate the needs of learners throughout their lives? How do you accomplish all of this in a multicultural and global environment? If you are facing any of these challenges, this volume is a 'must read' ¾ it tackles these questions and more, providing perspectives and insights from leading educators around the globe. This volume will help educators and the educational enterprise become more innovative, efficient, and effective in addressing the teaching/learning challenges associated with helping students prepare to face their own challenges as leaders and followers in an increasingly complex, uncertain, and global economy.

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