The purpose of this volume is to provide historical and current information about the circadian clock, molecular properties of clock components and their roles in health and disease. The Circadian Clock aims to give an integrated view how the biochemistry and physiology of an organism is organized over the 24 hours of a day and how disturbance of clock function can lead to disease. Outline:- Historical overview- Transcriptional Regulation of circadian clocks- Non-Image Forming Photoreception- Interplay Between Circadian Clocks and Metabolism- Clocks, Cell Cycle and Cancer- Circadian Neural Networks- Circadian Neural Networks- Circadian Clocks and Sleepa) Clocks and Sleep in animalsb) Homeostatic and Circadian Regulation of Human Sleep- Clocks, Brain Function and Dysfunction- Systems Biology and Modeling of Circadian Rhythms- Comparative Clocks.

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