The IS-IS routing protocol has gone through a high-speed evolution in recent years. Today, it is a widely deployed protocol even at smaller ISPs but because of its quick ascent it has been sparsely documented and seldom understood. As service providers add multivendor platforms from both Cisco and Juniper Networks, it is increasingly difficult to get a complete picture of the IS-IS that is actually deployed in the field. Only a book such as The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol can provide the insight and practical solutions needed because it takes a multivendor, real-world competitive approach to implement IS-IS. The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol is written by one of the leading authorities on IS-IS routing, Hannes Gredler, who specializes in IS-IS solutions for Juniper Networks in Europe. Hannes co-author is the networking book veteran, Walter Goralski, whose name attracts readers across the world for his frank, lucid prose.

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