The scope and importance of hip fractures is almost incomprehensible. With a world wide incidence of close to 2 million cases per year, these fractures pose a daunting challenge to our ability to affect and treat this epidemic. Basics for operative treatment of proximal and distal femur fractures: Clear surgical indication, short planning and preparation < 24 h, full weight bearing osteosynthesis, early mobilisation and physiotherapy. In comprehensive form the book presents the usage of a meanwhile well installed implant (DMS) for osteosynthesis technique in the peritrochanteric region. The 'double dynamic' stabilization (sliding tongue principle and angle adapted contoured fit) means a state of the art fracture treatment procedure. It is a convincing alternative to achieve a biological osteosynthesis at the femur. The system includes an infinitely adjustable, flexible angle, dynamic plate with a tubular distal part.

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