Make The E-Business Workplace Work For YouFrom the consultants at PricewaterhouseCoopers and SAP come the keys to understanding and taking advantage of the most exciting development in the world of business technology-the e-business workplace. Written in language that is accessible to all executives and managers, in any company and industry-not just to information technology professionals-the authors explain how this user-oriented, people-friendly technology can transform your organization by empowering collaboration among its employees and value network partners. Here are answers to such critical questions as:How can you use workplace technology to move from integration to true collaboration?What are the advantages of a truly people-friendly technology?Does workplace technology add value?How are roles different from jobs, and how does the e-business workplace use roles to help people perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently?What are the components of workplace technology software, and how do you choose a product best suited to your organization?Can the e-business workplace help your organization manage change?Where does workplace technology fit within the broader e-business context?Can the e-business workplace help your organization achieve its vision?In answering these questions, the authors support their conclusions with numerous real-world examples that move the theory behind workplace technology into practice. The E-Business Workplace also provides insights and knowledge found nowhere else, based on the thousands of technology implementations in which they and their organizations have been integrally involved. Take this opportunity to learn about a critically important technology that may be the defining factor in determining success and failure in an increasingly complex Internet-enabled economy.

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