This fully revised, updated, and corrected edition of The Elements of Operator Theory includes a significant expansion of problems and solutions used to illustrate the principles of operator theory. Written in a user-friendly, motivating style, it covers the fundamental topics of the field in a systematic fashion while avoiding a formula-calculation approach. The book maintains the logical and linear organization of the titles first edition, progressing through set theory, algebraic structures, topological structures, Banach spaces, and Hilbert spaces before culminating in a discussion of the Spectral Theorem.A self-contained textbook, The Elements of Operator Theory, Second Edition is an excellent resource for the classroom as well as a self-study reference for researchers. Prerequisites comprise an introduction to analysis and basic experience with functions of a complex variable, which most first-year graduate students in mathematics, engineering, or other formal sciences have already acquired. Measure theory and integration theory are necessary only for the last section of the final chapter.

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