The Emotional Wellness Way To Cardiac Health: How Letting Go Of Depression, Anxiety & Anger Can Heal Your Heart


Recent research demonstrates that negative emotions, particularly anger, anxiety, and depression, have a huge impact on heart health. The effect is so deleterious that doctors now regularly send patients with heart disease to seek psychological counseling.This book presents a complete emotional regulation program to readers struggling with emotional factors that contribute to heart disease. The book opens with an overview of the health issues that contribute to heart problems. It establishes the need for heart disease sufferers to rein in the depression, anxiety, and anger that can aggravate their conditions. Then the book discusses the different emotional issues that contribute to poor heart health. It offers readers assessment quizzes to help identify their particular problems. The remainder of the book contains specific strategies for coping with issues in any of seven different areas of psychological health. The techniques include behavior-modification exercises, relaxation...

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