The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides provides an overview of the fundamental behavior of guided waves, essential to finding and interpreting the results of electromagnetic waveguide problems. Clearly and concisely written in an organized manner, this volume includes a detailed description of the fundamentals of electromagnetics, including a new discussion on boundary conditions and attenuation, and of the propagation characteristics of guided waves along classical canonical dielectric structures - planar, circular, and elliptical waveguides. Modern applications including optical fibers, fiber solitons and WDM shepherd pulses, ultra low-loss THz guides, plasmon sub-wavelength guides, photonic structures, metamaterial guides, and moving medium guides are treated in detail. In addition, extensive coverage of inhomogeneous structures, approximate methods as well as several powerful numerical approaches with specific use for dielectric waveguides is succinctly given.Students, researchers and engineers involved with modern electromagnetic and optic waveguides will find The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides a valuable reference.

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