The Greatest Comets of History is unique. There are a few books on comets that make passing reference to some of the famous and spectacular objects of earlier years, and a few descriptive catalogues are available, but little detailed descriptive information is contained in either of these sources. This book fills the vacant niche that exists between general books, academic (and often cryptic) catalogues, and huge detailed catalogues such as Kronks Cometography. The Greatest Comets of History is a detailed descriptive account in non-technical language of what are deemed to have been the most spectacular and notable comets ever recorded, beginning with Aristotles Comet of 372 BC and ending with McNaughts Comet of 2007. Halleys Comet is given a separate chapter and there is an introductory chapter on comets in general, explaining in lay terms what they are and correcting a few popular misconceptions. This is not only a fascinating read for astronomers at every level, but in pulling together a vast amount of information previously available only in disparate academic sources it is a major contribution to the literature.

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