The book is designed to be a useful resource for anyone struggling with breast cancer. It's been written with the compassion and insight that only a breast cancer survivor can offer, it will walk you through the mastectomy and the entire reconstruction process. The author shares actual photos that document each stage of reconstruction. Drawing upon her own firsthand experiences, the author explains what you can expect, step by step, and shares advice on how to deal with each stage of the process. At each step, she describes what you can expect to hear from the doctor as well as the physical and emotional challenges you may face along the way. You'll find support, information and advice about your options. The topics covered include the newest flap procedures, implants, nipple sparing surgery, nipple and areola reconstruction, financial assistance, intimacy issues, how to prepare for surgeries and how to cope during recovery. The book also features interviews with a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction and an expert tattoo artist who offers the finishing touches-from nipple and areola tattoos to beautiful artistic tattoos that cover scars. The author delves into the history of breast cancer and reconstruction, and even explains how to find the correct bra during the process and after all the procedures have been completed. This must-have guide is written from a down-to-earth perspective that is at once informative, candid, soul baring and, at times, highly entertaining.

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