The Inclusion of Other Women brings together insights and narratives of three women, of European, Arab and of Romà descent, who address issues of feminism and social inclusion within the framework of adult education and learning. The authors discuss the experiences of the 'other women': non-academic women who have been historically silenced from the feminist mainstream discourse and are now claiming their voice. This volume provides a rigorous theoretical analysis of feminist thought and real womens lives, drawing the connection between marginalized womens social participation, dialogically oriented adult education and solidarity, as key elements in the creation of personal meaning and social transformation. Grounded in a dialogic educational perspective, the authors insightful work and the voices of the 'other women' make this a highly unique, engaging, accessible reading experience. This book will prove of great value to professors, researchers, graduate students, teachers and teacher trainers with a strong interest in Adult Education, Lifelong Learning and Women's Studies.

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