Bestselling trading author Guy Cohen introduces his proprietary OVI indicator to stock tradingMore fortunes are made from trading stocks than any other financial instrument, and with just a little more information, the ceiling for success can be raised even higher. Presenting the methods used by the most knowledgeable traders in the market, The Insider Edge: Trading with the OVI Indicator for Windfall Profits uses options transaction data to show what informed traders are doing and how every trader can take advantage of these techniques.Even though the markets are sometimes choppy, it's always worth waiting for a clear opportunity. With so many stocks to choose from, any good trader knows that they need an edge to get to the next level, and this book demonstrates how chart patterns, author Guy Cohen's proprietary OVI indicator, and a robust trading plan, when combined, will deliver success.Presents the tried and true methods the most informed traders use in a way that anyone working with stocks can implement to increase profitShows how chart patterns + the OVI indicator + a trading plan = successOffers an online tool for finding stocksFilled with information gleaned from the most successful stock traders, The Insider Edge introduces a proprietary indicator that, when used in conjunction with specific chart patterns and a trading plan, can help you excel in trading the markets.

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