The JAFARDD Processor: A Java Architecture Based on a Folding Algorithm, with Reservation Stations, Dynamic Translation, and Dual Processing


This book presents the JAFARDD (a Java Architecture based on a Folding Algorithm, with Reservation stations, Dynamic translation, and Dual processing) processor designed to accelerate Java processing. JAFARDD dynamically translates Java bytecodes to RISC instructions to facilitate the use of a typical general-purpose RISC core. This enables the exploitation of the instruction level parallelism (ILP) among the translated instructions using well established techniques, and facilitates the migration to Java-enabled hardware. In addition to an effcient dual processing configuration (i.e., Java and RISC), JAFARDD is empowered with a number of innovative design features, including: an adaptive feedback fetch policy that copes with the variation in Java instruction size, a smart bytecode queue that compensates for the lack of a stack, an on-chip local variable file to facilitate operand access, an early tag assignment to dispatched instructions to reduce processing delay,...

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