The Java(TM) Developers Almanac 1.4, Volume 1: Examples and Quick Reference (4th Edition)


The Ultimate Java Quick Reference The Java Developers Almanac is the most up-to-date quick reference available for all of the new Java 1.2 Class Libraries (Beta 3). Also included is coverage forsix newly released extension packages: Java3D, JMF, Servlets, JNDI, JAF, JavaMail. Every one of the 1,900 classes and 21,000 members is covered in this single volume, carefully formatted and arranged for easy lookup. In this book you will find *complete member listings of every class (including inherited members!), *class inheritence hierarchies for every package, * extensive cross-reference, * detailed analysis of API changes for each major release, * quick reference information for the language, the virtual machine, * JNI, PersonalJava(tm), and more. No matter what level Java programmer you are, you will find this book an invaluable tool for everyday Java development.

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