The Neurochemical Basis of Autism: From Molecules to Minicolumns is a uniquely interdisciplinary text that presents the latest findings regarding the physiological, neuropathological, neurochemical and clinical elements of autism.This book contains an array of unique perspectives on autism from top researchers, beginning with a clinical perspective that discusses etiologies, early identification, advancements in care and associated disorders. It then covers topics such as neuropathological changes in autism to the pre- and post-natal development timing of the disorder, changes in the cerebellum in autism, the role of oxytocin in autism, the relationship of oxidative stress and autism, and a comprehensive review of pharmacotherapies, as well as the hypotheses being used to explore its causes and cures.Lay abstracts make this book as accessible to the parents and caretakers of autistic children as it is indispensable to the scientists, researchers and clinicians on the front line of this affliction.

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