The Observer's Sky Atlas contains star charts and information for all those who observe the night sky with unaided eyes, with binoculars, or with small telescopes, and also for those who just wish to look at constellations and interesting objects. Equally useful for the beginning observer and the old hand, this new edition features: 32 additional pages with images of all the 250 nebulae covered in the atlas, an updated calendar for the next 20 years, double star ephemerides from 2005-2020, including updated tables accompanying star charts, updated minima/maxima of variable stars according to recent observations, updated data where new measurements have proven more reliable than previous ones. Some praise for previous editions: ' The most informative little sky guide in the business.' (Astronomy) 'The more experienced observer will find this slim volume useful at the telescope and packed with interesting observing projects.' (Sky and Telescope)

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