Computers revolutionized the office, and employees in many workplaces are still making adjustments... hunching their shoulders, tilting their necks, and sitting in awkward positions. When bright screens and bulky equipment can't be moved or shifted, it'sthe user who makes the compensations.Relief from "desk discomfort" is possible, through a science that not only solves that immediate problem, but also holds substantial benefits for employer and employee alike. Ergonomics is the science (and art) of workplace design for maximum physical comfort, maximum efficiency-and prevention of injury at the workplace. Its potential results: greater productivity, heightened morale, and reduced compensation for work-induced injuries. Keep in mind: most worker's compensation costs are for Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD).The Office Ergonomics Tool Kit: With Training Disc provides a sensible step-by-step method to bring Ergonomics and its wonders to your workplace. Written for facilities managers,...

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