Book DescriptionOzzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly are the epitome of dysfunctional chic. Their family life was exposed as chaos in the MTV phenomenon The Osbournes, the show has breathed new life into one of the most enduring careers in rock and roll show business. At times poignant, most often hilarious, The Osbournes present the nightmare reality of a dream come true ? with shocking results. Here in their own words, are the sentiments and opinions of all four members of the family. With color photos. QUOTES INCLUDE: ?I?m not proud of everything I?ve done but I?m a real guy. It could be worse. I could be Sting.? OZZY; OZZY TO SHARON ?You don?t need to hire a dog therapist, you just need to wake up at 7am and open the fucking door!?; OZZY TO KELLY ?You haven?t been playing doctors and nurses have you??; ?It tastes like fizzy piss, but I?ll have some? KELLY.

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