A couple of dramatic scenes were seen in China and also after getting more information about the problems of the health care system of China the decision were created to learn more about the health care system of China for being able to present solutions for the general problems. Trough the change in 1978 from communism to the implementation of the economic reforms by Deng Xiaoping the media all around the world is talking about the incredible increasing of China. The changes to a liberalized trade principle waged to decreased poverty levels and determine China on the path to economic sharpness. There is no doubt that China ushered in an era of unprecedented receptivity to foreign leverage. But beside the positive effects of the reform it also showed massive change within the once centralized medical system. Even though many efforts of the government some sections of the population are at a disadvantage. The implementation of the economic reforms have been a blessing for the Chinese as well as the improved reforms concerning to the health care system. On the other hand through the higher quality of the health care system the access is very difficult due rising costs. In that research it will be schematize the misbehaviour of many farmers concerning to health and disease and it will be shown that the present health care system that is working in the shadow of the centralized state which is managed by the government, is not the efficient way concerning to the rising costs. Furthermore solution and suggestions for improvement which could lead to an improvement in the health care system in China are introduced.

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